Founded in 2010 with the goal of organizing the tech & startup event PIRATE Summit, PIRATE has today grown into a well known brand in the startup ecosystem. We are internationally recognized for creating some of the most unconventional and authentic tech & startup networking events across various industries.

With our brands PIRATE Summit,  EXEC (Fintech & Insurtech), OMClub & Startup SAFARI​, we annually gather more than 10,000 participants, create platforms for meaningful connections and celebrate entrepreneurship.

Our events, as well as our everyday work life, are defined by these 4 house rules:

  • First name only
  • VIP = Everyone
  • No Bullshit
  • Give, give, give, ask

We are a team of 15+ skilled, highly motivated and down to earth PIRATES who are looking forward to welcome a new crew member.

Come join us at beautiful STARTPLATZ in Cologne!

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