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Loanboox is an independent money and capital market platform for public corporations, large corporations, institutional investors and banks. On the portal, public-sector borrowers can be brought together with banks and institutional investors, such as insurance companies or pension funds, in real time without the need for intermediaries. This not only significantly simplifies the process of raising outside capital, but also makes it more transparent and cheaper. Access to the platform is only possible for audited organizations. Loanboox thus aims to make the process of raising capital simpler, cheaper and more flexible for borrowers and lenders. In Germany, more than 160 borrowers and over 60 investors are already active on the platform. With this orientation Loanboox has already received numerous prizes and awards, e.g. as best Swiss Fintech Startup 2018 in the Growth Startups category. The company went live in Switzerland in September 2016, Germany in October 2017, Austria in autumn 2018 and France in September 2016.

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