Private equity owned businesses are at the forefront of modernisation – from developing robotic warehouses, pioneering clean technology, to commercialising virtual reality. The investment experience and process for private equity funds is another story as it is expensive, time consuming, and lacks transparency. In addition, most individual investors are not able to gain access to the best-performing funds due to a number of limiting market factors.

Moonfare is on a mission to enable individuals to invest in top-tier private equity funds through its innovative technology platform. Our team collectively brings decades of experience from leading investment institutions and successful technology companies. We are growing and developing at a fast pace, while staying true to and united by our core values:

  • We think and act like owners
  • We build a business by building people
  • We champion transparency and integrity
  • Everything that matters, we do 100%

How it Works
Moonfare aggregates individual demand through its Luxembourg-based feeder fund structure which invests directly into the underlying target fund
Target Fund
– Ready-to-implement access to private wealth segment
– Same process as with institutional investors
– Proven model across all major fund jurisdictions
Moonfare Feeder
– Standardized feeder setup process allows for rapid execution
– Luxembourg structures ensure transparency and global acceptance
– Ring fenced
– Tax transparent vehicle setup
Individual Moonfare Investors
– Aggregation of multiple investments from €100k per fund
– End-to-end digital subscription ensures highlighy scalable model
– Fully digital reporting, capital call and distribution management