Roamlike GmbH


Roamlike not only makes it possible to sell products to thousands of holiday home hosts, but we also communicate the products from the holiday home to the guests. So the holiday homes become a brand’s POS.
Other customers use Roamlike as a sampling channel and offer selected hosts their products free of charge.

👻 About Us:

We believe in the power of experiences and that great products inherently differentiate themselves from the masses once you get the chance to test and try these products yourself. As it becomes more and more complex for companies to create meaningful and cost-efficient experiences for customers, Roamlike offers a simple yet impactful solution.
We double sales opportunities by combining sales with marketing by helping our brand partners create awareness for their products with their products.
Via Roamlike, brands are able to sell their products to multipliers – such as hosts of vacation rentals.We ensure that guests always find the right information about the products they can try; amplified by tech and data. We enable guests to make convinced purchase decisions and offer a convenient way to buy the products they loved during their stay.
However, many inefficiencies with the current purchasing model for hosts of vacation rentals remain, making it difficult for brands to address this relevant customer segment, and for hosts of vacation rentals to benefit from cost advantages and specific product advice for holiday homes. Day by day we learn from our hosts and curate relevant products and brands to work with accordingly.

Honesty is in our roots – that is why we set out to create authentic product experiences for customers. Our team members’ experiences cover consultancy of multinational corporations in the fields of digitalization, marketing, finance, product development and user experience.