talpasolutions is a Essen-based data science company. talpasolutions has developed a software platform with the help of which machines can be networked, data collected, findings can be generated to optimize machine performance, downtimes can be minimized and companies in the mining industry can be supported in complying with safety regulations.

By offering data storage and management for big data sets as well as live data processing, talpasolutions enables pattern discovery and intuitive analysis of large data volumes. The major benefit arises in rapid assessment of Big Data by predictive and prescriptive analysis through machine learning for time-critical decisions.

talpasolutions is a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University and was founded in 2016 by mining engineers and software experts. The focus is on data-driven decision support from miners for miners. talpasolutions offers innovative solutions and recommendations for process optimization for mine operators and machine manufacturers.

We are solving the hardest challenges in the world of mining. Build an epic product, dig deep, move fast, break things, reason from first principles & work with super smart people! Join us: https://talpasolutions.join.com