There are various reasons why we start to do sports and stick to it. We pursue different goals and have different preferences. Your sport is just like you – unique.

We believe that everyone should have access to training, which is personalized to them. It should be fun and tailored to one’s personal goals and performance.

Welcome to VATION, where you receive your very own fitness program. What if you could have your own personal trainer via an app? You can discuss your goals with them and they plan your workouts and always adapt them according to your situation and fitness data. If you have a question, they are your experts. And if you need motivation, they are there for you, too. All your workouts are logged and you can watch how you continuously improve and reach your goals. You are not restricted to only one sport or sport program. You decide when, where and what you want to train and your coach does the rest.
Exactly that is what we are currently building and we need your support to thrive!

Who we are?
We are a team of sports enthusiasts, founders and doers, trainers and athletes, data scientists and engineers. We’ve worked for start-ups and corporations, in gyms and for first class sport clubs.