edyoucated GmbH

Learning makes us succeed. Learning fosters curiosity. Learning makes us open-minded. edyoucated exists to create a world with great learning organizations: a world in which the workforce is empowered to continuously adapt and to innovate in our digital age. A world in which we can reach our full potential – both personally and as entire organizations. And thus, we have assembled a team passionate to rethink how the workforce learns today.

We believe that the diversity of our learning needs isn’t the challenge. It’s the solution. And thus, we embrace it – through a personalized learning experience that’s focused on someone truly special: you.

By combining artificial intelligence, learning experience design, and learning services, we offer an end-to-end solution for effective corporate learning for all sizes and verticals. With our edyoucated platform, we provide personalized learning curricula, thoroughly curated by our experts and ai-based learning technology, and support employees in their learning efforts through mentoring and coaching.

edyoucated was founded in 2019 and is based in Berlin, Münster, and Cologne.