nyris Gmbh

nyris is a visual search engine that gives people a more natural way to find what they are looking for. Based in Berlin and Dusseldorf, nyris serves leading companies across retail and e-commerce, industry and manufacturing, media and entertainment as well as in financial services in over 50 countries and on every continent. Our investors include eCapital, Axel Springer, and the Flixbus Founders.

At nyris we are convinced that the fastest and most rewarding path to success is one that combines different talents, backgrounds, and ideas. Our team consists of people of every age, from 15 different countries from around the world and 5 religions. We currently have a ratio of more than 40% women to men at nyris and the aim to reach 50%, so we especially look forward to applications from women.

At nyris, we celebrate diversity and are promoting an inclusive environment in which our team members from all different backgrounds, national origins and cultures, religions, ages, disabilities, genders, or sexual orientations feel equally appreciated. In order to achieve this, we are committed to shaping a hiring process that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to get hired. In order to ensure this concern, which is of fundamental importance to us, we use tools and tests that measure and query skills and company fit in an unbiased way. We strive to compensate for existing disadvantages. We continuously educate ourselves to be sensitive to discrimination issues and regularly evaluate our application process and interviews. Personnel decisions such as hiring are always made jointly by several responsible persons with different backgrounds.

Driving equality empowers our team, enables us to innovate, and helps us maintain a more inclusive environment.