POHA House GmbH

POHA House creates sustainable Cospaces for professionals to live, work and come together under one roof. We provide a range of high-quality furnished flats, flexible offices and community spaces that offer unrivalled comfort, eco-friendly design and an inspiring community.

Overall, our mission is to create Cospaces that have a positive impact.

Our residents also have access to creative and experience-driven events, workshops, and fitness courses that make it easy for residents to meet their future best friends or business partners. Our aim is for POHA House to be a place where people can live, work and accommodate friends & family. And as a bonus, they do something good for our environment at the same time.

Live in Münster, coming soon to Aachen, Essen, Hamburg and beyond. POHA House is creating the future of living. Sleep, eat, connect, chase your dreams, repeat.