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Ecommerce Marketplace Manager (Amazon Ebay)
Rebolet is a sprouting technology company that is revolutionizing both the retail and logistics industries. Every year, more than 20% of retail goods are returned or simply never sell. This creates billions of costs for retailers and tons of unnecessary waste for the environment. Our mission is to make retail more sustainable by optimizing returns and overstock management; we turn waste into profits.

To accomplish this, we built an innovative system throughout the whole reverse supply chain, to redirect every item to its next best home. We leveraged on data and technology to increase the retailer’s profitability and customer satisfaction while creating transparency and reducing environmental waste.

Join us to build a scalable logistics and omnichannel e-commerce platform which helps to save millions of products from destruction and thus, not just generate economic value but also save the environment.

We in constant look for new taleted team members with the right values, skills and mindset to disrupt the industry and build a long-lasting company!