tl;dv stands for too long didn’t view. We help companies, especially those that work remote to communicate more personally and efficiently across time-zones. Invite us to any of your virtual meetings and be ensured that we join automatically to record the meeting and listen to the chat input. Live participants are able to set highlight markers during the meeting to share the most important moments with those that couldn’t join live.

We are a young start-up that got founded by a french-german team after a failed iteration in Social Media (check Mosaeek for reference). We are between 27 – 28 years old and live in Aachen and Bordeaux. Since we ‘eat our own food‘ and we are a software for remote teams, we are more than happy to welcome employees from all over the world.

We just raised a small amount of money to scale our team beyond the founders to the first few core employees! We are looking for team players that love to become friends beyond just working together and enjoy to build with us a communication product of the future – made in Europe!

While we believe that motivation is more important than experience, we do look out especially for technical minds with at least a bit of experience. More specifically, we are hiring:


Full-Stack with hang towards Back-End
Front-End with Sweet Spot in UX/UI (could be junior)

We can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to contact Raphael Allstadt directly via E Mail ( or LinkedIn.